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5 Tips To Avoid Raising Me Me Me Kids

As a father of a nine year old boy, I can honestly say that parenting kids during the modern age can be a bit tricky if you don’t practice patience. This is because today’s society tends to make room for what some like to refer to as “me, me, me kids”. Do you refuse to let your kids grow up to be selfish individuals who whine and pout when they don’t get their way? We surely don’t blame you. Here are a few tips you can use to avoid raising these so called “me, me, me kids”.

(1) Start At An Early Age

The best time to starting making your child aware of selflessness is at a young age. He or she should pick up the simple concepts of sharing, cooperating, etc. before heading to school.

 (2) Learn To Say “No”

You’re going to have to learn how to tell your kid “no”. He or she may be disappointed or even throw a tantrum, but eventually it will sink in.

 (3) Teach Them Manners

Kiddos should begin learning manners during early childhood. Start with the basics, such as table manners and playground manners, when your kid is a toddler.

 (4) Expose Them To Failure

Your kid is going to have to realize that he or she isn’t always going to win, receive recognition or be praised. This is why parents should try exposing them to failure at an early age while still encouraging them to get up and try again.

 (5) Give Them Chores

Kids who are given chores to handle around the house grow up to be less entitled than kids who have everything taken care of for them.

Responsible parenting involves bringing up kids with the manners, the consideration and the compassion they need to become contributing members of society. Turn to the above tips to help you.

Most schools also do an incredible job of nurturing kids’ teamwork and collaboration skills. As a platform that processes tens of thousands of dollars every week in school activity payments, it is so amazing and uplifting to see how parents support their kids and allow them to have incredible experiences in extracurricular academic and athletic clubs. Keep it up!

  • May 25, 2017

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