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Accountant who stole $1.8 million in school lunch money
School payments, solution for accountants, school business manager. A former Rialto Unified School District accountant was sentenced to five years[...]
Why Bullies Don’t Like Mobile Payments
We all know that a bully is only as powerful as you let him or her be. Given their brazenness, bullies can cause emotional or physical trauma that has the potential to last well into adulthood.
Why Millennial Parents Hate School Front Office?
The way that most millennial parents communicate with educators drastically differs from that of past generations. And this unconventional outlook has caused[...]
Exploring What Parents Want: To Pay School Fees Via School Office or a Mobile App
School Office or a Mobile App Ninety-four percent of K-12 schools do not offer mobile payment capability to collect activity or aftercare fees. Ask[...]
Pre-K to Grade 12 Spending: From Childcare fees to After-school payments
Recent research conducted by Washington Center for Equitable Growth shows the long-term benefits of investment in early childhood education, including cost savings[...]
The First Week of School: Unbearable!
Teachers work hard during the first six weeks of school to get to know their students and to establish a safe[...]
Field Expert: Why are School Activity Payments not Mobile?
Millennials make up the largest K-12 school parents population, however majority of those schools are still using manual and outdated paper-driven procedures[...]
6 Mobile Payment Myths & Why K-12 Schools Are Lagging Behind
Even though 85% of the Americans between the ages 18-49 are smartphone owners per recent Pew Research Center survey, the K-12 school system has[...]
Shhh! It’s not a secret: 9 Reasons Why Teachers Hate Field-Trips
It’s a fact that kids, parents, educators and researchers all agree that field trips are really stupendous. They are actually an integral part of students’[...]
Edtech/Fintech Soup: This Aftercare App Costs Zero Abes
Bringing a child into this world should be a cause for celebration, but as millions of new parents find out each year, it is[...]
R.I.P. K-12 Art Programs: 10 REASONS Why Schools Need Monet, Monet, Monet!
These days, it’s not unheard of for school districts to face budget cuts and end up eliminating art programs from[...]
Millennial Parents Can Make K-12 Ops Great Again!
Ask any parent and they will most certainly have one of those “OMG!” stories when trying to pay student’s school lunch,[...]
School Fundraisers: Mobile vs. Old-School
According to Network for Good survey, 90% of fundraising still takes place using traditional methodssuch as auctions, raffles, bazaars and[...]
School Booster Clubs: Volunteers Steal Too!
Driving Saturday mornings we have all seen a similar picture: Middle or High school students waving car wash banners to raise[...]
5 Tips To Avoid Raising Me Me Me Kids
As a father of a nine year old boy, I can honestly say that parenting kids during the modern age[...]
School Audits: Deposit Findings Are On The Rise
It’s a very common scenario in schools across United States: often when a teacher takes up money from students, the[...]